Pest Control

pest controlEven the cleanest and most well kept of homes suffer from animal and insect infestation at some stage. It is not always the lack of cleanliness or hygiene that attracts pests indoors. Usually infestations occur naturally and are triggered by factors, many of which are out of our control, though a house that has been left unattended for some years will be more appealing to all the creepy crawlers.

If an infestation has taken place at your home, the sooner you start dealing with the problem the better. In many instances, home owners are somewhat embarrassed to talk about cockroaches or rats that have moved in, but in fact each day of delay gives pests a chance to multiply and take over more useful house space and raise the level of disease and bacteria brought inside, therefore putting you and your family in harm’s way.

Our highly trained pest control specialists will be able to tackle any vermin infestation and rid you of all the unwanted guests that have moved in meanwhile. They will be able to visit you at your own convenience and work within flexible hours, they will cover the entire house and all applicable areas that have been affected to make sure that no further outbreak will take place.

Our people will analyze each situation individually and administer a course of action relevant to the given situation; they will also restrict any visible access points for vermin making their way indoors. In terms of pest control techniques, we value the health and well being of our customers and their pets, therefore we aim to use only low-toxic materials and chemicals that only act on vermin and pests and leave no lasting trace in the surroundings, ensuring a toxin free and pest free living environment for the entire family. Call us today, do not hesitate and do not waste any more time, wage the war against vermin and pest today and rid your residence of all the unwanted and potentially infectious guests, from the basement to the attic, from the inside out, we will find them and exterminate them.

Pest Control Minimum Charge