About us

pest controlWe are a locally owned and operating pest control company that specializes and provides a wide range of effective and efficient pest control services. We are qualified and capable of dealing with any pests and vermin that have made their way into residential and commercial properties. We possess the required expertise and the applicable techniques to analyze the possible reasons for the infestation, to suggest a course of action to be taken immediately and to administer and carry out fpollow up visits and apply additional control measures in the instance of another outbreak of different kind of pests. In terms of service format, we can offer you one-off single visits for hands on, aggressive treatment that exterminates pest invaders in matter of days, if not hours. The company also does regular visits with follow up treatments and additional measures, should the need be there. When it comes to customer safety, we take the issue very seriously and pay extra special attention to the chemicals we use, making sure that no harmful or lasting toxins are used while doing the extermination, therefore ensuring the safety and well being of residents and their pets.

Our crews are fully trained and qualified to deal with any pest and vermin infestation and invasion, they also undergo special training in the use and application of chemical extermination systems which in turn ensures customers that pest chemicals will be handled properly and used accordingly. In terms of service response, we try and visit you in the shortest time possible after you have placed a query or have requested a service visit. Our phone consultants are friendly and knowledgeable, able to provide you with easy to understand straight forward service and information. Our mobile crew consists of courteous and experienced pest control technicians that apply the latest and most effective vermin extermination techniques and systems. We keep the service pricing as fair and affordable as possible and charge you only for the actual amount of work done without burdening the invoice with additional charges and fees of dubious nature, all for your peace of mind.

Pest Control Minimum Charge