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We understand that encountering pest infestation right inside your own home is something very annoying and discouraging therefore we have made it our aim to respond, adequately and accordingly to each and every customer’s request in the shortest time possible. When you call us, you could expect a personal approach and you won’t have to deal with an automated booking system this time. You could speak to someone that has the knowledge and expertise to consult you immediately and provide you with sensible and useful information on what to do until we dispatch you a crew of exterminator technicians.You can book an exterminator either over the phone or online, through our website. In order to send you assistance in the shortest time possible we would like you to provide us with some additional information on your particular situation including a short message of the job at hand, besides all the required contact details. Apart from the short introduction to the problem, making a booking or viewing with us is that easy: no additional forms to be filled in, no additional waiting delays: you tell us what the problem is and we come and deal with it. Our customers also have the option of receiving a free quote, based on the information they have provided us with.

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If necessary we can arrange for a viewing of the job at hand so that no areas or invaders have been missed. We recommend that a viewing is done before the booking of the actual service in order to determine what exactly is to be done as some properties suffer quite a lot from vermin and pests compared to others. Older properties with substantial wooden parts are especially at risk due to their age and construction materials. For heavily infested properties we recommend a viewing to be done prior as additional visits may be needed. The company services all of London’s metropolitan areas and most of the outskirts too. Certain jobs outside these bounds will be considered so please inform our consultants and they will advise you further. Book your service today and make pests and vermin a a faded recollection of the past.


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