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Time is our most valuable resource, especially the time of our customers and we know and appreciate this. We understand that spending time dealing with vermin and pests is not time well spent, this is why we say let us deal with it as quickly as possible and you sit back and enjoy the results. In order to streamline the way we do business, we have made contacting us and keeping in touch with us as simple and straightforward as we can. Our friendly phone consultants are ready to take your call and secure your booking at a time of your convenience, you can book your entire service over the phone or request a preliminary quote or viewing, usually done for larger sized jobs or jobs with multiple infestations. If your preferred method of communication is phone, we will contact you back and call you to confirm your service booking or to request additional information about the task at hand. In case you feel more comfortable in front of the computer, not a problem at all, catch up with us online through our company website.

The site is user friendly and easy to understand, there you can inform yourself of special offers or seasonal discounts we may be offering at the time. Naturally, you can secure a booking or request a viewing using our simple and easy to fill in service form – please don’t forget to give us all the details we require. Soon as you submit the form, we will process it and one of our consultants will call you back or email you with the requested details and information. If you wish you can also drop us an email with your particular pest problem or any other related queries you may have including pricing and general pest control issues. We will try and reply to you in the shortest time possible with sensible and relevant information regarding your inquiry. The relevant email addresses are listed in the contact section of our website, feel free to have a look around the site as well.

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