ExterminatorMost of the time, people are not quite sure why exactly they need to call in a professional exterminator to rid them of their household pests and vermin since there are so many bug sprays, rat poisons and what not, available on the market. In truth though, anyone that has tried to tackle a full scale home infestation of pests has come to a point where nothing works and the problem keeps reappearing regularly with no signs of improvement. Chances are that the best results yielded by self-treatments are some periods of low pest activity, only to be followed by another full blown invasion, which will definitely annoy the heck out of any homeowner trying to raise children in a healthy environment.

Usually, a professional exterminator begins the treatment process with a detailed viewing and analysis of the property, looking for tell-tale signs of infestation by the given pest. This determines the scale of the invasion and the rate of pest multiplication. In cases with termites and other wood consuming bugs, owners should secure a viewing by engineers that can determine the level of damage inflicted to the structural integrity of the house by the termites and take the necessary precautions. Having pinpointed the problem, the exterminator now knows what he’s dealing with and will in turn choose the best approach in order to kill the pest population quickly and efficiently. Usually, no single method is enough to do the trick; that’s why it pays off to call in experienced and knowledgeable exterminators which will be able to combine different eradication methods. Methods will be combined in accordance to the individual situation and the surrounding environment.

Exterminators may decide to start off with lighter, non-toxic methods for small scale problems, and then move on to aggressive, high-toxicity chemical applications for really out of hand situations. In case of multiple pests such as roaches, rats and others under one roof, the exterminators may decide to use strong, aggressive chemicals that kill off all pest species on the premises. There may be additional visits required as follow up or seasonal checks, in order to prevent future outbreaks.

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