Rat Control

Rat ControlRats are regarded as perhaps one of the most unpleasant and dangerous household pests. The problem with rats is their high intelligence and the fact that they carry and spread various infectious and dangerous diseases. If you have doubts that rats may have moved in, then you’d better act quickly and use all the necessary force to achieve a rat-free property fast.

Rats are omnivores, just like us humans, this means that they can feed off all the food that humans eat. Rats will also go for garbage, compost, pet food and any other rotting organic material they may find pleasant enough to eat. These nasties also feed on pet droppings and carcasses of other dead animals in the garden, attic or basement. Once they have made their way inside the property, rats will tend to hide in dark, secluded, quiet places where they can feed, mate and breed, therefore enlarging the rat colony and deepening the infestation issue in general. They also prefer warm places near hot water boilers or central heating units so those must be checked out pronto if the doubt of rats has risen. All this goes to say that rat infestations should be eradicated quickly and efficiently to minimize the possible harm they can cause to your health and well being. Rats are highly intelligent and social creatures, they avoid traps, they don’t fall for tasting poisons and notify one another of danger, therefore exterminating or banishing them from the house is extremely difficult if attempted on your own.

The knowledge and expertise of a professional exterminator is invaluable in such situations, professional pest controllers use proven and effective techniques to stop the multiplication of rat colonies and kill off the ones that have made themselves noticed by occupants.

Even if you have only doubts of rat infestation you should call in professionals to conduct a viewing and determine if there is a serious problem or not. Do not try to handle the situation on your own as rats can become aggressive and will bite and thus, infect you with who knows what diseases.


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