Rodent Control

Rodent ControlRodent infestations are treated very responsibly by professional exterminators. Not only that a home could be subjected to an infestation by multiple species, but the occupants of one such home are directly put in harm’s way by the presence of the rodents no matter if they are rats, mice, moles or other rodents: most of them carry diseases and bacteria, which can easily infect food and living quarters, bringing major headaches to the occupants of the property.

Rats and mice are especially problematic as they can also bring upon property damage besides a cocktail of infectious diseases. Rats and mice have been known to chew and claw their way through all sorts of materials which can result in some serious structural damage to the property over certain period of time. They tend to inhabit, hard to access, poor hygiene areas of the house. This shows that a clean and well kept house is a must if you wish to avoid the infestation successfully, unfortunately though, estate hygiene will not be a sufficient enough factor to overcome the problem.

Exterior cleaning of the property is also important since rodents usually make their way inside from the outside, namely the yard, gutters, drainage etc. so keeping those clean and free of mud and decaying organic matter is another must do thing. Paying enough attention to grass mowing and cleaning the garden of debris will also increase your chances of avoiding rodent invasions. Rodents make their way inside through small cracks and openings on the exterior of the house, it is a good idea to rodent proof your home by sealing and blocking visible places which the rodents may use as access and exit points.

Rodents will go crazy for garbage and compost, so make sure you use animal proof tough rubbish bins that restrict access below and on top of the bin. In terms of indoor protection, avoid leaving food exposed or unattended like overnight for example, carry out regular pest inspections to catch a possible rodent infestation in time and request professional treatments when you are certain of infestation.


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