Pest Control

Dec 17, 2011Aaron Rose

They came two hours after I called for a bird’s nest removal. How great is that? This nest was in the kitchen ventilation. Both were very courteous and efficient. Put up an extension ladder and got the job done. It was almost 20 ft off the ground. It was great.

Pest Control

Jan 11, 2012Emma Ashton

I discovered raccoon in the middle of the night – guys came very quickly, problem was solved quickly and professionally for reasonable price. Also they repaired damaged and gave one year warranty. I would highly recommend this company for animal control needs.

Pest Control

Feb 20, 2012 – Dominic Henry

I came back from long weekend and found black ants in my house which made my kids very uncomfortable. I recalled that my friend who also had the same problem last year and was very satisfied with the services of a company called Pest Control, so I called my friend and got the company’s contact. I called the compnay and they were very prompt and did a very nice job. My family was very happy with their services and I will use their service in future as well.

Pest Control

Mar 12, 2012 – Connor Russell

We had evidence of mice and wanted to have it taken care of. Jake came very quickly. He was knowledgeable, polite and professional. I would recommend. Billing process smooth and provided 6 month guarantee.

Pest Control

Apr 10, 2012 – Aidan Clarke

The person was very friendly and honest The service was also very effective in killing all the bed bugs. The process was quick and with least bit of disruption for the rest of the family members

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